Meet Samantha

‘Put on some red lipstick and live a little!’

At a young age Samantha drew inspiration from color palettes and artwork in various mediums; from charcoal work to oil painting, creating her own little masterpieces. The transition from canvas art to makeup artistry was natural and realized early on.

In 2002, while studying at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, she concentrated on her craft and began working as an artist with companies such as Chanel, Stila and Yves Saint Laurent. In 2007, she made her move back to her native San Diego where she continued freelancing and launched her own business in the skincare, beauty & health industries; which has allowed her to focus on her love of makeup artistry.

Using the face as her canvas, she’s perfected ways to not only enhance one’s natural beauty, but also have fun with color and create a look that is unforgettable. Complimenting the best features and creating a look that is radiant through the right skincare and makeup is her objective. Whether it be a natural day glow or a sultry, smoky eye’d evening style; she strives to meet and exceed her client’s needs and expectations. 

"I LOVE what I do! I am so blessed to work with such amazing people!! I love connecting with people, making them laugh and simply making them comfortable while I transform them into whatever they envision for their day!"